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Mountside Mobility for Disabled Car Driver Adaptations & Mobility Equipment

Enhancing Activity & Independence

Hand Controls

Hand Controls are designed to enable disabled drivers to drive a car in complete safety and control. Single lever push pull hand controls are the most popular. Mountside Mobility are approved by all the leading manufacturers; Alfred Bekker Hand Controls, Brig-Ayd Hand Controls, Cowal Mobility Aids and Jeff Gosling Hand Controls and Adaptacar Ltd.

Left Foot Accelerator Pedals

Left foot accelerator pedals allow quick and easy change from right to left foot driving for drivers with right leg disabilities.

Left foot twin flip style accelerator pedals allow quick and easy change from right to left foot by simply pulling down the pedal required. The other pedal is automatically pulled up uder the dashboard.

Floor mount left foot accelerator pedals are a simple solution for cars fitted with organ style accelerator pedals. A plate is mounted on the floor and the left pedal and right pedal guard are secured to this with a quick release catch.

Easy Release Hand Brake

Easy release handbrake lever. Fitted to the handbrake to reduce the effort required to lower/release the handbrake. Manufactered by all the leading mobility equipment companies. Choose from the Jeff Gosling Easy Release Handbrake, Brig Ayd Controls Easy Release Handbrake, Cowal Mobility Aids Easy Release Handbrake or the Alfred Bekker Easy Release Handbrake levers. An Easy Release Handbrake Lever to suit all cars and assist all drivers. Brig Ayd Controls, Jeff gosling, Alfred bekker & Cowal Mobility Easy Release Handbrake Levers giving YOU more choice.

Steering Wheel Ball / Knob / Spinners

Premium quality Motability approved car steering ball. Available as the standard steering ball, quick release steering ball (most popular), tetra grip and other specialist forms to suit most disabled driver's needs. When hand controls are fitted it is recommended that a steering wheel ball (knob or spinner) is also fitted. Most commonly fitted is the quick release steering ball as this allows the steering ball to be removed quickly and easily when not required. Most convenient when there is more than one driver of the car. Only the steering ball clamp remains on the car steering wheel. Compatible with cars fitted with air bags.

Disabled Drivers -- Driving Lessons

Driving instructors trained to teach drivers with disabilities in a fully insured and adapted car. Cars usually fitted with Hand Controls, Twin Flip Left Foot Accelerators, Lodgesons Infra-Red controls, Easy Release Hand Brake and Dual Controls for your safety. Driving Instructors are happy to carry out assessments before you choose the adaptation and training to bring you to a competent level of driving. Please contact the driving instructors directly to arrange a convenient time for your driving lessons or assessment.

VAT Exemption

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Mobility Scooter Batteries

Full range of mobility scooter batteries. Batteries for all makes and models of mobility scooter or mobility powerchair.

Bellavita Bath Lifts

Bellavita Bath Lifters for comfort and safety. Bellavita Bath lifts, Enjoy reliable and easy bathing with battery operated lightweight and compact Bellavita bathlifts. Taking a bath couldn't be easier. Remember that our Bellavita bathlifts will not lower you into the bath without enough power to lift you safely from the bath

Lodgesons R210 10 way controller

Lodgesons R210 10 way controller

Price: 1,295.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

Use the Lodgesons Controls to drive with one hand and still control your car's lights (dip/main or flash), horn, indicators and front washers & wipers. Lodgesons Controls keypad illuminates for easy and safe night time driving.

Lodgesons Controls 10 way R210 infra red key pad functions:
As with the Lodgesons Controls 7 way keypad the 10 way also operates

Indicators left and right
Sounds the horn
Lights dip/main (Head lights on)
Headlight flash (Headlights off)

In addition to the Lodgesons Controls 7 way the Lodgesons Controls 10 way will operate the front wipers and windscreen washers. Each time the wiper up-button is pressed the speed of the wipers increases, the first press being the intermittent wipe fuction. Pressing the wiper's down-button each time reduces the wiper's speed finally switching them off.

Click to view the Lodgesons Controls interactive demo

Mobility Adaptation Deposit

Mobility Adaptation Deposit

Price: 200.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

Please make deposit payment for adaptation
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